On November 12, 2015, the Mississippi Insurance Department issued Bulletin 2015-5 providing guidance regarding a new nonadmitted insurance form for the retail insurance producer conducting business in the surplus lines market. Duly licensed retail insurance producers are no longer required to hold a surplus lines license. Only the surplus lines insurance producers who deal directly with the nonadmitted insurer are required to hold a surplus lines license. ***

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The Mississippi Surplus Lines Association, located in the capital city of Jackson, Mississippi, has enjoyed over 14 years of service as we endeavor to protect consumers by responding to the needs of our regulators and effectively serving our membership. Our ultimate purpose at MSLA is to foster a strong, compliant and lawful non-admitted insurance market in the state of Mississippi.

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Effective July 1, 1997, the Miss. Code Ann. 83-21-21(3), was amended to provide that the Commissioner of Insurance may rely upon the advice and assistance of a duly constituted association of surplus lines agents in carrying out the purposes of the laws on foreign insurance companies contained in Title 83, Chapter 21 of the Miss. Code Ann. (1972).

Established on September 18, 1997, the Mississippi Surplus Lines Association (MSLA) was launched as a private non-profit association to serve this role and has been recognized by the Commissioner of Insurance as the association upon which he will rely for advice and assistance pursuant to the above statutes.


NonAdmitted and Reinsurance Reform Act

2011-1 House Bill 785, 2011 Regular Session, Mississippi Nonadmitted Insurance Statutes