How should the XML file be organized?

Please refer to the following resources on the Batch Reporting Procedures page of this website:

Batch Submission Manual for Agents – This document provides information about the batch submission option, the import process, and XML file guidelines.

Agent XML Schema – This document lists of all of the required data fields, organized in the proper format. The Schema may be used to validate your XML file prior to submission.

Agent Schema Help Documentation – This ZIP file (default.html) contains detailed parameters for each data type.

I am submitting data for more than one reporting agent. Can I submit a single ZIP file with a folder for each agent?

The ZIP file should only contain policy data for the agent (or representative) logging into SLIP.

The ZIP file should include a single XML file for an agent. The XML file should include data for one or more policies.

ZIP files containing anything other than a single XML file will be rejected.

I’ve never created an XML file and I have no computer programming experience. Do I have to learn how to create an XML file to submit my policy data to MSLA?

The MSLA batch submission process allows agents to efficiently report a large amount of policy data. The process and related documentation assumes the XML developer has computer programming experience and is familiar with XML and HTTP protocols.

Individuals with no computer programming experience may better-served entering policy data manually through the SLIP Search/Submit screen. Simply log in to SLIP and click on Search/Submit. Select New Policy to enter a new policy into the system.

Can I save a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet as an XML file type and submit it to MSLA?

No. The system will not accept Microsoft Excel files saved as XML Data or XML Spreadsheet file types. Please follow the format described in the XML Export Format & Schema for Agents to create the XML file from your database.

How can I make sure that my XML file format meets your requirements?

You may test your XML file on the SLIP TEST website to ensure validity prior to official submission through Contact MSLA for a link, username, and password to SLIP Test.