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Procedures Manual

I. Introduction to MSLA
A. Introduction
B. MSLA Contact Information

II. Membership
A. Membership
B. Membership Directory
C. Membership Requirements

III. Overview of Producer Reporting & Payment Procedures

IV. Electronic Filing Process
B. Getting Started
C. Obtaining a SLIP Username and Password
D. Coverage Codes
E. Lloyd’s Policies
F. Reporting Policies inclusive of Multi-layered Policies
G. Zero Business

V. Documentation Requirements
A. The Monthly Transaction Report (MTR)
B. Exempt Commercial Purchaser
C. Declarations Page/Cover Notes/Binders
D. Notice to Policyholder
E. Order of Paperwork

VI. Assessments
A. Overview of Surplus Line Assessments
B. E-Pay Option
C. Surplus Lines Stamping Fee
D. Surplus Lines Premium Taxes
E. MWUA Nonadmitted Policy Fees
F. Return of Assessments

VII. Board of Directors


IX. MS Statutes

X. Appendix

Procedure Manual – Full Text PDF