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Section IV


A. SLIP (Surplus Lines Information Portal)

Within fifteen (15) days following the end of the month in which a policy is procured, the member producer shall electronically report every policy procured under his or her license to the Mississippi Surplus Lines Association by way of our web-based producer reporting system called the “Surplus Lines Information Portal” (SLIP).

SLIP provides a mechanism for Mississippi’s surplus lines producers to electronically submit policy information to MSLA as well as providing users the ability to view previously submitted data, edit policy information, upload documentation, and to electronically pay assessments.

There are two methods available to producers to for submitting information via SLIP:

Manual data entries through SLIP interface:

Producers reporting a relatively small number of policies are ideal candidates for manual entry into SLIP.

XML Batch Submission:

Alternatively, producers reporting numerous policies are ideal candidates for the batch format. This process will require IT expertise to create and submit an XML file with specific policy data. Details for XML Export Format & Schema for Producers are published under Batch Reporting Procedures.

B. Getting Started

SLIP is user-friendly, web-based application. There are many resources available on our website to assist with your filing and additional Help Files are also accessible in the SLIP system located in the top right corner of any SLIP screen under the heading HELP.

For general information on getting started and basic instructions for manual data entry through SLIP, it is recommended that the user review the Search/Submit heading in the SLIP Help Files.

For general information on getting started and basic instructions for multiple policy submission through batch format, it is recommended that the user view our web-based instructions that can be found at under Batch Reporting Procedures.

Producer Services is also available to assist you and can be reached at 1-888-867-5633 or (601)713-1111 x 105 or 106.

C. Obtaining a SLIP username and password

Please make sure MSLA has your current contact information, including a valid e-mail address.

1. All newly licensed producer members must register with MSLA using the Producer/Agency Registration Form. This form can be found on MSLA’s website under Publications/Forms.

2. Once the Producer/Agency Registration Form has been completed and forwarded by email or fax to MSLA, a user name and password will be generated and emailed to you.

D. Coverage Codes

Effective January 1, 2008, all policy data must be reported by coverage type. Coverage codes are the numerical values used to describe each coverage type. With the exception of Residential Earthquake and Residential Flood, all codes are subject to the MSLA stamping fee and the Mississippi surplus lines tax and the MWUA Nonadmitted Policy Fee.

In the regular session of 2014, SB 2330 amended Section 83-34-4 to exempt the nonadmitted policy fee for those policies or portions thereof that cover residential earthquake risks or residential flood risks that are not written through the National Flood Insurance Program. The act shall take effect and be in force from and after July 1, 2014.

The MSLA surplus lines coverage codes lists can be found in the SLIP Help Files located in the top right corner of any SLIP screen under HELP. You may also refer to the Coverage Code Listings [See Appendix].

E. Lloyd’s Policies

For Lloyd’s placements effective 1/1/2009, the surplus lines producer is required to identify the binding authority/contract number and cover holder name on all policies. Information regarding the additional data requirements for Lloyd’s of London policies is located in the SLIP Help Files.

F. Zero Business

The SLIP system will not allow zero reports. If no business was submitted during the month, no documentation is required to be turned in. It is not necessary to notify MSLA that you have zero business.