Insurers may report business via manual entry or XML batch upload methods into SLIP. Insurers reporting a relatively small number of policies are ideal candidates for manual data entry. Alternately, insurers reporting a higher volume of policies may prefer to submit data in a batch format.

Manual Method

The manual method allows insurers to individually submit policy data through the SLIP interface. The Search/Submit section of SLIP contains all the functionality to search for and submit policy data. This screen grants access to general policy data and transactions specific to insurer submissions.

A comprehensive Help File is available within SLIP. It is addresses many filing questions and concerns that insurers may have regarding the filing requirements. For more information, please refer to the Search/Submit section in the SLIP Help Files.

XML Import Method

The XML (Extensible Markup Language) Import method will allow insures to submit policy data in a single batch process. Instead of individually entering policies through SLIP, a single file may contain information for multiple policies.

This process will require IT expertise to create and submit an XML file with specific policy data. Details, including the Batch Submission Manual, XML Schema, Help Documentation, and Batch File Samples for the XML Export Format & Schema for Insurers, are published on the MSLA website ( under Batch Submissions for Insurers .

For further assistance with the XML Import Method, please refer to the Batch Import Process section in the SLIP Help Files and Insurer FAQs posted on the MSLA website.